Site title description snapshot shows abnormal causes and Solutions

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three, love Shanghai for data capture ability of

in general, this situation is when Robots.txt set a specific URL as "nofollow, Noindex", although the instructions tell the search engines don’t track, and included a link to it. But if there is a certain number of the chain to the link, search engines may be included in the URL. While the title is probably URL, is empty. Of course, for this noble baby search engine. Love Shanghai included "nofollow, Noindex" link is rare, but does not rule out the possible.

I give customers a station optimization in the previous month, also had this problem, because the robots.txt file is modified, causing the site title, description of the snapshot is not complete, has been looking for reasons of treatment for several days not to see the effect, also did not expect to be robots.txt problems, then inadvertently only between found, then immediately modified. So, the website for second days to return to normal, so that this problem occurs with friends, be sure to check the good robots.txt file.

this is more serious, such as your site title, description, or URL path to do all or most of the adjusting. This will cause a lot of dead pages, will lose the trust of the search engine, when the page disappeared from the search engine, due to the previous page to do external links, search engines began to include the page description, this time is likely to be empty.

recently a lot of friends website there are the same problems, is the site title in Shanghai love search results and describe the display is not normal, not complete, no description of Web site snapshot, snapshot cannot preview, but the website snapshot is updated every day, on this issue, why? What is the reason caused.? this is the reason why I like to talk about the cause of this problem and solving method of

, a robots.txt file to blame

observation, this situation is mainly to love Shanghai data capture ability is not strong enough. Especially the use of the CDN website, to love Shanghai reptile cache server IP domain name corresponding to time is more than 1 days, spider crawling website, not to cache the DNS record in accordance with the DNS protocol, but the cache DNS records for more than 1 days, so when CDN changed IP>

website or large-scale changes, making the best recommendations set robots ban grab error page and 404 error page, this can reduce the loss of users, on the other hand can tell the spider this is a wrong address, no spiders crawl does not exist in the web page, update the original content for the web site and the high quality of the chain during this period.

two, website content and Title Changes

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