Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel learning website construction technology where to start

as everyone knows, website maintenance workers is a more complicated especially for small and medium-sized enterprise site operation and maintenance personnel, may for their comprehensive quality is higher, in this case, as a professional website optimization website construction skills if you want to learn we should start by what is good, I think, any the door is a technology based on the accumulation of knowledge, step by step until they can be independent with their own ideological implementation process required function, the author mainly through the following points and all the detailed analysis.

to learn ASP program for example, many enterprises are used in this program, we can go to the official website or some ASP enthusiasts to download some community official API document, because the document is the basic of every language, of which the case is relatively simple, it is best not to choose what case early for example, ASP to establish customer management system, the construction of ASP B2C business website case, these cases of books will only make you confused, if he did not look at the basis of books is a kind of torture, I think learning the official.

first, understand the basic knowledge of good website construction. We know that Shanghai dragon Er many times to do some relatively high degree of repeat work, such as daily mining released outside the chain of high quality platform, updated every day for the site, for the website user experience to adjust the details and so on, relatively mechanical work is more than doing some superficial views, Shanghai Dragon in the optimization process, however, to work, we know that technical work is a creative work, is the real deal, you have experience in the construction site and foundation may be within 3 hours will complete a simple enterprise station construction work, and a lot of Shanghai dragon Er is not a computer professional background, but any one basic knowledge of subject learning is the first hurdle every beginner necessary for the procedure, he is doing that when the ASP Web Design However, you should be familiar with basic HTML code, the dreameweaver software should master it, for ASP with the cumulative ASP variable definition, basic knowledge of the function, the five object, and then to the back of the ASP ACCESS database or SQLSERVER database, actually you will find it a system, only the master HTML code can help you as soon as possible learning variables and functions with variable function will let you in the operation of the database using the crud function package method reasonable, is a gradual process. As a beginner we should first learn is to develop your interest in learning the language, you will have interest in trying to find the answer, for example, ask colleagues to find some books, in some physical training and so on, start to learn to lay a good foundation for a step by step every a basic knowledge module to get fine, this will get through to learn deeper knowledge to do solid work to pave the way.

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