The electricity supplier website basic module page title description method

column page page title is generally written, brand + product word, then the advantages of the advertised products, such as the "new" and "hot" and "panic buying" this has guide consumption in some words, the page title will require in the final with the name of the web site.

, what is the page title

1, the page title should be consistent with the reading habits of users

According to the The types and wording of Methods

3, writing to the search engine friendly

as the Shanghai dragon edition, keyword research is an essential content in Chris, the "long tail keywords optimization considerations" in an article mentioned how to optimize the long tail keywords, how to layout, here I do not speak. I usually put the business on the site page title is divided into the following types.

when browsing a web page, display the information through the web page title is "at the top of the browser blue".

, the 1 column page channel page

as shown below. The topic is the web page title, summarizes its contents and summary. The page title as "information users first saw the transfer of, should let users can find the information you want to find here, so we’ll look at the classification of the title of the page and the wording of it.

three, the web page title


content, column page can include a product column page and general column page, which is usually the information column page. Column page page title must have a high degree of generality, the length of the title and the number of words in the title "Jim writing tips push up" ranking "in an article has been mentioned, a careful analysis will not do.

picture page for certain channel pictures, when writing the page title, the brand + product pictures, then the "HD" and "hundreds" and "clear big picture" that can reflect the characteristics of the product picture >

productsShanghai dragon Keywords The

two, the page title should be

2, the page title should be in accordance with the actual situation of

as editor, with the real situation and the page title should be the product, should already exist in the content of the page; should write the page title according to the actual information products.

as far as possible to the long tail keywords in the page title, as before, if the number of keywords, to use a limited number of words repeat keywords, don’t accumulation.


2, channel page

page title should be in line with the user’s reading habit, including the phrase order, sentence fluency, and meaning can not be reversed, and. The statement should be simple and easy to understand.



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