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search engine is composed of a plurality of line programs, website quality itself is not subjective judgment. But the user can sense, this is also a lot of search engine user experience, listed the main reason for the site weight assignment is an important reference. After all, in any case assignment how to rank, and ultimately to the user search content information. For example, the website open speed has been the major search engines.

optimization and search, a facade of seemingly contradictory, but the two are highly unified. So sure, first is because the search engine’s business model determines the care for advertising, natural ranking also can’t ignore the website. The proportion of advertising on the search results page layout can be improved, but not that a search engine will be to the first page all is for advertising, or are their own products. Because that will greatly reduce the user experience, justice will be greatly reduced. Secondly, the search engine is highly dependent on its website, the high quality site arrangement to the front of the way, convenient for users to search, but also to encourage and guide the construction site, and constantly improve the quality of website webmaster. Although it is also optimized, but to improve the quality of site as the starting point and to practice, search engine is not objectionable.

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content is king, only is the fundamental content of website production, website optimization so that the ideal way is to enrich the content of the website. The content can be reproduced, can be copied, but if the dreams of a good optimization effect, adhere to the original content is the only choice. A content rich web site search engine, not only love, users will also be favored. So, the website needs not only original, but also need the high quality of the original. The author had previously issued a document "how to please the original more users and search engines?", a point of view in this paper that search engines can now identify the content quality. Because we can easily find that when the snapshot sequence rehearsal, search engine is not in accordance with the time sequence, the possibility of only one, and is arranged by the quality of the content. And the search engine will high quality website, to go in front of the principle is the same.

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in many users view, on whether the recognition of website optimization problems on the search engine to Poxian helpless. On the one hand must encourage original content, certainly high quality links, even encourage the webmaster based on the site itself quality continuous improvement. The reality is, the original content rich and high quality website links, improving weight. On the other hand, the search engine seems to be avoided in what, although given this or that guidance documents, but when the core problem about weight calculation, search engine is so sensitive, is not willing to disclose the secret word. But the search engine itself is also constantly adjust algorithm, focusing on site optimization is to let people have a strange and elusive.

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