From the perspective of website optimization Shanghai Encyclopedia of love

3. on the label

common label B and Strong stressed. For the emphasis on the use of the label, there are a lot of people do not pay attention to, or what time of such labels what label is still very fuzzy. From Wikipedia, we can find that although B and Strong are used as emphasis, but the B label generally used for simple bold, suitable for keywords or long tail keywords. The Strong tag emphasizes more strongly, for a summary of the article, the article emphasizes the number more, often as a sentence or a paragraph.


The body of the 1. remove the


by the above observation, Wikipedia entry page description and Keywords tag code has been removed, we retrieved results page still can see the corresponding description, therefore, whether it is a website or only one page, the most important thing is for the title, description and Keywords tag is only a coaching role, of course, also wrote attention to search engine recognition, but did not write the search engine still can be described as crawls through the content area preceding part of the text, and this situation also believe that many webmaster have feeling, just like Hot Blog Lou song song the label is not all blog.

The use of In the chain of

description and Keywords tag code


when we search through search engine, can always find love Shanghai encyclopedia figure, but its ranking is in front. Of course, love is love Shanghai Shanghai Encyclopedia of electronic products, and a product is more emphasis on the weight of love given by Shanghai will be high, but the rankings so nice is because of this? In fact, as long as careful observation, will love the Shanghai encyclopedia contains many web site optimization skills. Take a look at the details of the optimization of down what Ye Jianhui sees:

or other reasons, we will from the ALT property placed at the end, through the comparison of the Encyclopedia of image attributes, we can find that the logo region is placed in the ALT tag, IMG tag, src. Through this comparison, we can think that this style encyclopedia contains some intention, such as early to tell search engines this link is what. But here on Wikipedia content description written as "to the Wikipedia page", it is not know whether intentionally to.

4. Wikipedia entries

entry in the Wikipedia content we can find, with many entries in the chain, click on the corresponding anchor text will enter into another Wikipedia entry. So, not only can improve the user experience, increase the spider crawling deep.

For the convenience of

2.Alt tag using


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