Shanghai Longfeng recovery weight



domain jump (301), the article link replacement, Links cleaning (wheel adjustment), site weight adjustment (nofollow tag) as had been done before the first domain 301 jump adjustment, as with the included part. Keep the chain attract spider crawling, release, update and stability.


four years of site PR4, primary key as "studio", collected data of 1000 & the reverse link 5000 (two month period for stop, keyword ranking disappeared, included was completely removed without any Site search records)

is currently Shanghai Longfeng articles nothing in the update, the chain, adhere to the three point, we believe that for this type of content, and discuss, describe, explain and be pestered beyond endurance. But stop may wish to use the most simple case, analysis and reference, the so-called "Shanghai dragon" is just this.

with the current domestic regulations increasingly standardized, I believe that many webmaster, in the face of the record during a headache. However, after a long wait, often also face website PR, included the weight recovery work. In this paper, the author’s own experience as an example, Dongguan Shanghai Longfeng recovery weight operation case reference for everyone.

re launched two days after the resumption of PR & included (as well as part of the ranking), after four days of recovery, the main keyword snapshot update weights, noble baby Sitelink (currently love Shanghai keyword snapshot abnormal effect, the original weights of the old station in the recovery period for a week or so)


recovery workThe preferred The original station data list:

of the 贵族宝贝 ide贵族宝贝/ -not-completely-recovery-raiders.html (Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon please indicate the source)

Postscript: recovery record

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