Ambition to move into full play and you are Shanghai Dragon Master

          the chain I just say here that I own two methods: 1. write soft Wen; group chain 2. Soft paper is not to say, write articles of contributions to the A5 in order to do outside the chain, not the effect is certainly not someone to write; the group chain has been a very controversial, many people think that this method does not work, will be punished 100% love Shanghai. But I ask you a question, do you use mass software do the chain? If you have just made a few days for fear of being K, it can only say that you didn’t play this trick. If not, then you have no right to say the group is the chain of cheating! Even if the website content quality, but by the strong.

Shanghai dragon moves one: content is king

          Shanghai dragon in the spread of such a humorous words: "content is king, the chain for the emperor, the chain for the princess, the code for the general keywords, as prime minister, structure for city, updated for the prince." This sentence basically covers all the process of Shanghai dragon. But, I love every sentence which is called "Shanghai dragon". Sometimes, do Shanghai dragon by moves only can still do a good job ranking, if you want to put any of recruit into full play. Today, ambition and to share their most love using the Shanghai dragon three.

Shanghai dragon moves two: the chain

          it can be said that the essence of all the Shanghai dragon. The site of the original how important is not much to say here, but his crowded broken head every day to write original articles that few can do. So how can we quickly write websites need original articles? This is a misunderstanding that many of my friends in Shanghai Longfeng easily, many Shanghai dragon friends think the original article must be myself writing is original, in fact, this idea is wrong. What is the original? I personally think that the Internet does not appear in the article is the original article. I believe many people agree with me! So how do we find so much with their own original articles on site? Ambition to teach you a trick, it seems very silly damage is great: go to the bookstore to buy the book. Love Shanghai, love the original, this is actually a loophole love Shanghai Shanghai dragon, Shanghai original spider love since love, so we went to a pile of original articles to feed it. Go to the bookstore to buy books relevant to our website subject back to these articles copy to the website, because in many articles on the network are not search, we copy up to our original! I remember one of my station simply rely on the original articles in less than one month of the main keywords related to love Shanghai row home page, so tried this tactic. You are every day to write original articles and want to break the head? Try this trick.

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