Shanghai Longfeng optimization and better do why do

for website optimization, this is basically 7 steps, of course, more details. However, Shanghai Longfeng workers are not only through the systematic study and practice. May fifth, sixth more friends pay attention to the two step, other steps do not do. Guardian of Yuan Kun has a friend, for the site was analyzed after simple, not for the adoption of recommendations. His view is that these are all right, before the hair outside the chain, a Links ranking is very good. I also know that before this is the case, but the present and the past compared to

Shanghai dragon

some people say that now is not the website, some people say that Shanghai dragon will perish, some people say that PC did not have to play, too many people say. However, guard Yuan Kun has always insisted on the idea that someone would have to search, search is currently Shanghai Shanghai dragon, dragon is better to do. But why you do Shanghai dragon is not good, the effect is getting worse? Let us work together to explore the core of the secret.

?Shanghai dragon

you think the Internet low entry barriers, especially a few years ago to do Shanghai Longfeng optimization is the hair content (or even many sites are not updated), send the chain, ranking as the rise and flow have come, had the money. Love Shanghai search engine more humane, constantly adjust the algorithm improvement, more and more attention to the user experience of the website ranking no overnight today. Many in the industry even the famous ZAC also said he was K.

for the site of the Shanghai dragon slowly work toignore, we love to play social tools, love playing mobile internet. The ability of the Shanghai dragon.


optimization personnel without learning, do not lead to the details of Shanghai Longfeng optimization problems. It’s like we feel sick, minor aches and pains and nothing, when accumulated to a certain extent, a serious illness came.

since 2012 628 love Shanghai adjustment, more and more webmaster friends, Shanghai dragon workers slowly turned slowly on a variety of bad mouthing words out. In fact, the reason is very simple: he didn’t do well, even a lot of friends have not done.

guardian Yuan Kun and everyone do the review of Shanghai Longfeng steps: first, the most basic elements of the three site domain name space and procedures; and selected two, analysis of the web site keywords analysis; three, the website structure and code; four, site columns and page optimization; five, content distribution and link layout; six. With the search engine dialogue; seven, analysis of traffic statistics tool.

said that although the Shanghai dragon or a lot of people through the system to learn fewer and fewer friends, real friends understand Shanghai dragon is less and less, plus many friends understand Shanghai dragon have moved to Taobao, the mobile Internet, for the website optimization more and talent that a less, Shanghai dragon has the demise of the speech appeared slowly.

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