How do the new on line 4 days to release the inside page

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many new station on the line, is to quickly find information fill your own website, is one of the few even hundreds of articles, and then there is the hair chain, you think of a new station there is such a great amount of information, unless you can post the same every day, but a lot of people is to send a few days a lot. Other sites filled in on the matter. In fact, the new station, we shall keep a normal state of mind, less the chain, do a few important chain lead spider crawling the. Because the new station is now a lot of people not optimization, is excessive optimization, as a result, the inside pages included home page not included, this is why many people said his new home why has not been included, is actually included the start of a page, and then be K away.


, do not rush to release the

not a new station on the line, and slowly to the changes, some new sites online for a few days to change keywords, description of what. New sites online it all changed what template, and then set good keywords and description and classification, the oneself to, not free to modify. Because the new station can not afford to toss, they might easily be K. The new sites online friends will change very well, estimation is not the logo design, this does not affect the overall situation.

, a new station on the line

, three case analysis grassroots webmaster information out how 4 days inside

now the chain is more and more difficult, just registered account many still can’t post, post can also need to reach a certain level, managed to level up to the post, a post with the chain, the account was closed, it is not for the chain, who went to the post, unless it is your own website. I would like to find a stable chain, is really difficult, so I want to keep a few stations, it weights training together, no matter what, I can have a good place to send the chain, and there are new words, is also relatively easy to take, but has been in the planning, Xu Guoxiang here to share a new friend recently do experience:

station is No. 3.3 on the line, that day is included the home page, then friends reproduced a few articles Chinaz and A5 above, nor how to change, just a bit of it under the title change, then is it me to write an original article: "Baidu" Liu Dong event of network marketing the power of this article submissions to each platform, take the URL links. Because I own some column, many released right away, also become the love of Shanghai news source, so love Shanghai spider crawling more frequently, but also updated daily snapshot. I was a few days ago, every day a submission of original articles, to fourth days on the release of the inside pages (do not know a few articles are written by the Shanghai news for the sake of love, oh, one time when A5 submission I didn’t bring my own blog address with the article, is a friend the website address of the article, the results.

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