How to make enterprise stand outside the chain of work to achieve the ultimate

The Before

Links this work is the priority among priorities of the chain, sometimes a good friend chain than to the one hundred forum posts much better. Because the chain is the basic link between home and home, the weight is very high, the search engine is also very optimistic about the quality of a website Links. Several high quality of the chain, more than hundreds of thousands of forum posts. And the friends of the chain quality once up also ranked by leaps and bounds. The webmaster every day just to search those related web page ranking of keywords, one by one to call for friends of the chain of cooperation, the advantages and development potential of their own websites one by one said to the webmaster, if you can find two for your station will have a qualitative leap in the next update in ten (the premise is our own station in a small scale, not egg stone more ^_^ oh). This exchange friend chain to do the theme post, reply post, anchor text signature and so on effect is much better than us, because we are looking for the correlation and weight high website, search engine could not take care of us. It is also worth noting that the chain can make a web site development can also destroy a website, because it is a double-edged sword, so regularly to check the chain snapshot not update, back found articles included drop, keywords ranking disappeared immediately removed to the friends of the chain, to avoid being implicated, the station is several times because the chain problem is down right, check out the problem after active treatment was revived in the search engine.

website online for more than a year, basically Shanghai Longfeng involves in general have tried, here don’t want to make a fuss of web content, I just want to talk about some of the chain method plays the role in the optimization of the station. Because the station is enterprise station, not like the news portal that every day there are fresh material enough to supplement nutrition". Therefore, the enterprise should be better as a station outside the chain of work done.

wrote about web site optimization article, may be a bit too superficial, but will say next is not necessarily the truth, just think the whole practice down in some places still worth trying.

chain work only to consider two aspects, one is to improve the weights of the website; another is to increase the probability of a spider crawling website timely snapshot, but reflected the level is actually feedback to the weights of the website. In fact, every webmaster to do is to do some high quality of the chain, it is much more efficient to the forum, especially in the human resources are not very rich under the condition that the webmaster should try to "quality win. How to use the least human to get the highest benefit?

then I want to say is that the anchor text chain problem, because we all know that the anchor text chain of keywords ranking is very good, should be the first time to major website search keywords related articles and a pseudo original, and then released to the blog, forums and other space, can take the place of chain. Both must be repeated keywords but only one super chain point >

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