How to use the perfect Shanghai dragon optimization fix customer

website optimization market is very large, now a web site optimization of the customer demand more and more, as business owners began to pay attention to the website conversion orders, also have to do site optimization to go at the boss, Shanghai dragon optimization scheme how to come up with a reliable to fix your clients, let these smart bosses obediently pay is not easy, so we need to have a set of perfect and feasible method, is a website optimization personnel necessary basic quality, the service network in Weihai to talk about how to design a perfect optimization scheme of Shanghai dragon.


domain name choice: in a previous article introduced, please refer to the "founder of vision: enterprise website construction of Shanghai dragon" three "about the domain description of the golden laws and precious rules". For example, Weihai service network, the domain name is whfuwu, with key words and names for users to tell the site for which city service.

Select the

, a website positioning

according to the enterprise product sales, win mode, website localization. The first is to determine the target keywords, long tail keywords. How to determine the key words, the first analysis of user groups, which customers are the target customers, which customers can bring the conversion rate. The choice of keywords can also find love through the Shanghai index, here in Weihai | service network we need to understand a concept no index word does not mean there is no flow. The love related search index in Shanghai is also a good choice, as well as Google trends, personally think Google trends as love Shanghai index, because Google in the domestic share of small lot, but most people in Shanghai love or habit, so love Shanghai more accurately according to the number of.

two, domain name, program

program selection should follow two key points: 1, whether can form on the Internet, making the program is good enough or not, which requires long-term experience, you can also find friends to give the programmer to check, but the procedure of Shanghai Longfeng area on your own. 2, whether the program is stable, to some amount of data compression, CMS program >

target selection should pay attention to three points: 1, how much a target keywords, Weihai service network advice is 1-3. If too much weight, not only will also affect the dispersion of words, each keyword ranking, depends on how much of their resources, this article on the Weihai | service network in the previous mentioned, please refer to "let you do well in the station optimization Website on the first page of the" second point. 2, it is best to contain the word "keywords, contains the word is the word can be split out several combinations, this greatly increases the versatility of keywords. For example: Weihai Weihai supply and demand information, information website, Weihai supply and demand of classified information website of these three sets of keywords can be split into different combinations. 3, looking for can bring the conversion of keywords, the research on the conversion rate will be combined with the characteristics of the enterprises, to research the characteristics of the product.

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