On the personal website ranking long term love Shanghai home

look at my station first subject title, sprinkler and garbage trucks, garbage and car prices, and sprinkler price, love Shanghai search garbage truck prices, love Shanghai search shows the title (sanitation) garbage truck prices; in Shanghai love search sprinkler price love Shanghai search shows: sprinkler (car, garbage truck, garbage truck).

on the automotive industry enterprise website optimization subject scheme, the automotive industry is very competitive keywords ranking optimization, super high difficulty, even tens of thousands of monthly bid to optimize a keyword, following me to explain my personal website in a year long love home in Shanghai ranking optimization cases.

second site outside the chain, the chain every Monday update 10 articles outside the chain, the chain must be mentioned here to release the weight of the high place site health, love Shanghai included the fastest platform release, such as the large forum, A5, a push, push 28. See below:


website optimization ranking method:


here is my station keywords ranking, garbage truck and truck keyword ranking in Shanghai love home, the two subject optimization is very difficult, very competitive, so the method in the optimization of the time I say according to the above optimization update; there is a keyword index, my station garbage truck Shanghai index is love 218, sprinkler love Shanghai index is 273, 141-239 to bring keywords unequal rate garbage truck, so bring traffic satisfaction, visit every day at about four hundred or five hundred IP, here I want to say, the keyword of the website ranking unchanged, there must be traffic depositary, so that your words will not fall. In the picture, some long tail keywords, ranking floating point, also in Shanghai love home cases, but I was the first to optimize the subject in the optimization of long tail keywords, and optimize the standard first we believe in the optimization to optimize the long tail word subject, ha ha, optimization habits are not the same.

first website updated website every Monday to update three to five article content, note must be original, no plagiarism, this love Shanghai spider on your stand in a friendly state.

Site Title:

Position description method of

chain site update method:



a week to update the site once is enough, updating frequent excessive station to your keywords ranking greatly, so

Webmaster Tools query station weight I 2 and PR2, has been unchanged for a long time, the latest stable and steady PR weight in Shanghai, recently love updating algorithm often changed by K, the optimization of excessive right down, down the rankings included, these are in love with the sea magic algorithm mysterious rather than the thunder. Now I love me is how to deal with Shanghai included state.

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