analyze your easy to appear in the chain of mind

site was first suspected K chain

why I couldn’t come to my friend chain

Shanghai dragon Er

people always love in others for failure, so many webmaster, often website problems, search engine punishment, that is because your first instinct is a chain involved, because we all know that if there is a chain K site is often linked to their own, so many webmaster the friends of the chain.

unrealistic to the heights of

chain is a key site in Shanghai dragon. Although we can not bring the effect of myth chain, but we cannot deny it to the site to bring help. Can be said that behind a successful web site there are always many high quality friend chain. Conflict, heart and other unpleasant things will be friends of the chain as a link exchange cooperation is inevitable. Some day then mentality through the analysis in a chain exchange on you I might have ever seen.

chain exchange is based on passive mode, chain in the information released online to publish their own information after sitting idly waiting for the initiative to contact the quality Links, I think this state for each stationmaster is definitely not a few. Then I wonder if a few days later, don’t you want a chain, how would you do? Is complaining, or find another platform to release a chain exchange information? Sometimes the webmaster need is a kind of active spirit, high quality friend chain good is not actively looking for you, only rely on their own the initiative.

always wary of their victims

The Many webmaster in

many do friends chain exchange will follow the same patient and the mentality, I thought for a few more and more high quality chain. But a chain exchange like love is the two inverse problems, is not to say that you want to be. If your site is a new sites, weight is 0, if you have included the scanty, unrealistic wanggaochu see, want to find a stage of the site has been in operation for friends of the chain. The final result can only be your fantastic. So if you want to change to a high quality link if you have enough strength, water flows downwards, to the high look right, but the premise is that you must proceed from their own actual situation, to do their own thing is the key, or the site also may be similar by "left female" "left the station.


in the exchange chain we can see some Adsense will use smart to deceive the friends of the chain, such as the use of nofollow, iframe, robots and smart. Many owners see the negative information will have a great awareness of the friends of the chain, can not always trust each other. Think of the heart without. The two sides and this is allowing the exchange of grudges, do not believe that the other party can only let the exchange chain end breaking. The author thinks that the chain exchange is mutual, not sincere attitude I think anyone and you will not exchange links.

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