How to make the site to get good rankings in Shanghai mobile search

1) can let love Shanghai search engine spiders identification

, such as > two

301 is a permanent redirection, will jump to the new permanent address, use the


4) the correct HTTP return code

I currently do website PC end optimization has been basically completed, but the mobile terminal has not reached my request, has recently been studying how to optimize the mobile terminal and how to obtain good keywords ranking, because I was the site of mobile terminal has been, so the early establishment, the domain name server to what I do not to say, say how to make the site to get good rankings in Shanghai mobile search.

website and suggestions to replace the domain name case

mobile terminal and PC terminal, is through the spider, and then build the index, whether Baiduspider can read text information of the mobile terminal or PC, can not be a good deal for flash and Javascript images, etc., it is recommended that you want to search engine spiders crawl content as far as possible the use of text information.

told the 404 spider page has been deleted, there is no

3) simple regular url

some time ago and we share about how to optimize the PC side of the site to the search engine and users can get good rankings, today and share some of my recent experience on how to optimize the mobile terminal, how to make the site to get good rankings in the love of Shanghai mobile search, in fact, the optimization of PC and mobile terminal are the same.

URL must be short, because of the unique characteristics of mobile devices makes the page and the operation area is relatively small, if not fast and simple browsing URL is likely to miss the user.

I do in Shanghai Longfeng process people often ask me to site is not flat is the best structure? My answer is as long as reasonable structure can be. The flat lets users better access to content, but in the end the essence is the same, let users convenient and efficient access to information and solve problems, so as long as reasonable structure can be.

200 is to tell the spider visit normal

503 is temporarily unable to access short-term, the search engine spiders will visit us again.

, how to make the mobile station to get good coverage of

Reasonable structure

love Shanghai spiders in capturing and processing "is through the HTTP protocol to set the corresponding logic

should know, can be included in search engines is the basis of website construction and optimization of the web site is not included if everything is in vain, you don’t even want to ranking, someone asked, how to solve the problems included PC I know, but how the mobile terminal (station) to solve it, in fact the two are interlinked.

In fact, as long as the Shanghai dragon

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