The novice how to improve the site included the amount of Shanghai Dragon



should always pay attention to user experience, according to the user’s feedback to regularly update the site, so, always maintain a fresh, is very good for users or love Shanghai. As the material Corporation, since the establishment of a few years, has been updated to version third, you can look at, make people feel very good.

3, regularly updated website:

ensure website internal structure perfect, clarity, so that search engine spiders can easily find what they want on the site; in addition, enrich the content of the website, especially home must be filled up, so I can go to the major search engines to submit your site.

2, rich web content, web site optimization:

"content is king" is established at any time. Whether it is love or Shanghai search engine Google, 360, love the good quality of the article, especially the original article. Therefore, as long as you can every day to write some high quality soft, even the pseudo original can attract search engine spider’s appetite, and can improve the site, get good rankings. The material www.tooopen贵族宝贝 commune soft as an example, we can see.


1, prepared the high quality of the original false original article:


for all the webmaster, the amount collected and ranking sites are most concerned about the website, but how to improve the data? Xiaobian to tell you

high quality

4, the chain increased

for example in Shanghai know, Wikipedia, Soso Ask the high weight platform to leave our links, so the search engine spiders will go down your link to your site, when your site has good content and internal optimization and high quality of the chain link, you will find the love of Shanghai included or increasing the flow becomes very easy.

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