How to analyze the website is worth Links exchange

a lot of people, especially for the novice how to exchange Shanghai dragon Links, what kind of website is exchange chain is puzzled. In this regard, the author share how to analyze a site worth Links exchange.

through the site: domain name, we can also analyze a site has been down right, page snapshot etc.. In general, the normal site domain name, web page will be the first in line. If this is not the first case, mostly by home or even the station is right down the cause. But there are also some sites because of the weight of the inside pages is too high, resulting in home page ranking is not the first, the reason for this problem is mainly in the station optimization do not not lead back to the home page weight or pages outside the chain too strong. Therefore, the exchange of Links if the other site site love Shanghai results is not in the first place, we should pay more attention.

check method is directly site in Shanghai under the search bar: the domain name, such as: SITE:www.szmfyy贵族宝贝/ (note the site domain name does not take 贵族宝贝 or unable to display the results).

two, Domain analysis results of

, a website analysis results of site

2, DOMAIN results in the first page, but the snapshot time and time does not meet the site snapshot. The vast majority of results than the site snapshot time slow. This website issues there are two possibilities, one is right down a precursor, after a period of time after the drop right now in the recovery, but whether it is more than two in any case, such a chain or not for good.

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1 DOMAIN, the home is not the first.


analysis of a website is worth exchange, to see Shanghai site first love. See the site results to the following two:

analysis of a website is worth watching in site exchange, is an often overlooked one of the results is domain. Domain is one of the most means to check whether the site is down the right problem. The results of domain are mainly in the following three cases:

Domain, the home is not the first site basically can be concluded that the 100% is right down the website. Like this kind of website is best not to consider.

, 1 by site: the domain name, we can understand a site specific collection. In a clear record of love results of Shanghai site has a "the number". Check collected of each website is worth of exchange and the other person will exchange with you. Generally included differ hundreds of words, is not no problem, but if the collection of thousands or even tens of thousands of words, I don’t have to think.


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