The search engine’s revelation accurate mining long tail word

love Shanghai index has been used to analyze the Shanghai dragon Er search volume keywords, in order to determine the main keyword selection. But on the one hand is the selection of high quality long tail keywords favorable channel. To determine the quality of relevant keywords from the search volume, is the most direct response keyword value of the performance, of course including cheating factors, but generally the cheating data will not occupy the mainstream, but the result is not stable.

two: love Shanghai index related search terms

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four: Google analysis tool

in Chinese search share is very small, the occupation of households is far better than love Shanghai, but no matter which provide search services or the webmaster tool is unmatched by other search engines. As Google search analysis, give the webmaster optimization suggestion:

related with the love of Shanghai search is the same reason, but in order to more convenient index, so to display relevant information in the user see. But do the keyword to the eyes, the cheating factor is more, such as brush drop phenomenon business circle the game ended July in many examples of.

appears in the search engine related search keywords have a characteristic "in the recent period of time the time is searched more". Although unable to determine whether the long-term interest of the keyword, but fully prove its most recent period by the search volume is relatively high, so it can be used for optimization of long tail keywords to do over a period of time. After that, if the key to always maintain a long search results, so congratulations you tap into a quality suitable for the long term, adhere to optimize it. In addition to determine the related search keywords high quality? The author believes that with Google, love Shanghai related search combination screening is the best, as in the legend "website construction" in Google, love Shanghai common performance "Shanghai website construction".

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with the rapid warming of Shanghai dragon industry competition, the main keyword website optimization after no mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore high gold content available for mining. More long tail keywords being seriously, even to do long tail keywords is not inferior to bring a key effect. But how to choose the long tail keywords accurate and efficient? Usually not clear the judgment standard, analysis of the optimization of long tail keywords just according to the logical thinking and natural search habits. But pay attention to search engine webmaster or Shanghai dragon ER may find a problem, the search engine can wear long tail keywords higher quality, today we will make a summary analysis:

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