Outside the chain of tools like Shanghai’s new line of what you see

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tool has two information, link to your website’s domain and link ", first look at the link to my website, a total of 40 shows the results, do not know if this is a coincidence or love Shanghai now shows only 2 pages. First let me see quite depressed, I always thought that because the Trojan has been basically in effect I fall in love with the sea can be eliminated, the results of it.

all show the results of this kind, but open the corresponding page, these pages are not related to the content of the page now, or already does not exist, but the love of Shanghai is to put these pages as the chain. There are some other chain pages, some are nonexistent page. I want to say, this is really testing the chain in bullshit, but this is not to say that this is the love of Shanghai results on your website, this is the love of Shanghai sophisticated search engine technology.

No. 21 Shanghai new love line on the site outside the chain detection tool, I believe that many people are concerned about this matter, we do not know the use of what is the result of. I found that after the test, the website is a problem, where is the problem, I will give you a look. The first said to some test sites, more than 1 years before the site was wounded horse, appeared very serious, after revision. The revision distance now has more than 1 years. Here is a look at the results of love Shanghai outside the chain of tools.



look at another result, links page, home of which accounted for more than 90%, this is normal. But in the 19 shows in 11 is before the revision of the page, which I really Speechless. I should say the detection site itself is the problem in the website, after nearly a year of recovery, love Shanghai has already started the recovery included and ranking, many words have entered the home, thought it had effects of Trojans and revision, but now it seems still in danger, like a time bomb. We do not know the detection is what. Welcome to share.

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love Shanghai tools

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