How to solve the electricity supplier website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization problems

description language also has a great influence on the customer purchase decision. Because the search engine in search results ranking, sometimes unable to display pictures of products, customers only through the description and title to determine whether to click into the website.

Shanghai dragon is the network marketing of low cost and high output. The product page keyword layout, user can cover the buying cycle stages and various user groups.

of both common words and core words. We need not only the layout of mining, general words and taking into account the core word, because the former can bring more.


, a product page description tag

use the manufacturer’s product description.

will meet the electricity supplier website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization problems and solutions

two, the product page didn’t do optimization

is the most simple and crude, Shanghai dragon er for each product page write unique description tag.

on the website of Shanghai dragon optimization, believe it’s friends all shook his head, boss asked why so much time is not optimized? Some Shanghai dragon suffering in the mouth, to the Shanghai dragon school can be recommended to the Shanghai Dragon: 贵族宝贝.Ee/ of the Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon learning related knowledge, we now talk about the Shanghai dragon very challenging, but for large electricity supplier website, Shanghai dragon is the priority among priorities, is also difficult. You need to sort out the large and complex structure of the site, constantly optimize the product page every day in the update, and also need products, design, technology and other departments in communication, repeatedly instilled in them: Shanghai Longfeng optimization not only on the user experience, and can bring more traffic and orders. Shanghai dragon er must be clear: not everyone knows the importance of Shanghai dragon.

product page description tag is a key factor in the electricity supplier website ranking. For each kind of product to add unique description. Although it is time-consuming, but want to promote ranking is not afraid of trouble.

the same products, but different versions, page description tag repeat.


will meet the electricity supplier website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization problems and solutions for large sites, even some tiny optimization can produce obvious effect. For example, to add pictures ALT tags, Title Optimization Adjustment, may make the website ranking from second promotion to the first, this upgrade may be brought to the site of hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional revenue.

meet the user search habits. For example, now more and more users of English words used in the search, such as searching for the TV is "TV" or "LED TVs" such words. This means that the search engine optimization, each under the category page needs to consider the user search habits.

product page description tag question:

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