Shanghai dragon VP ranking recovery cases we don’t take it seriously

due to the first two day Shanghai launched a new algorithm Scindapsus, spread to many websites, even the famous Shanghai dragon VIP training site is down right. We all know that Shanghai Longfeng VIP is Shanghai dragon circles the God class Liu Huanbin, before he was framed this website because others drop right, but it wasn’t long before he recovered, after I even judge Shanghai Longfeng VIP this site will no longer appear right down this situation, I have been a Shanghai judge love search engine high quality site protection mechanism, it seems No. In fact, Shanghai dragon training the word I have been more concerned about, I do this line from Shanghai dragon began to pay more attention to, so it also has more than three years. In addition to Shanghai dragon WHY basically without what website can fall in love with the sea for a year, are the lights for the horse. With this update result basically is home a big shake, the original home website all fall down.


these people take their own website to Shanghai dragon VIP this website, the website that people recover their website will be restored. In fact, this site since the day it was born, it is not bound to a common site, because the site behind the station is a celebrity, so Shanghai dragon VIP this site again, we do not as a recovery this site signal. I believe that at present basically even if being injured no site so soon, and this is not the love of Shanghai should do, love is the webmaster can hurt Shanghai. When the general algorithm upgrade, there will be a lot of websites are harming the so-called strategy. If you go to the complaints are basically because the human It doesn’t help the situation. to restore the site, it is not love Shanghai, love Shanghai needs to do is to rely on the algorithm to promote or correct the mistakes of the past, but not by human for this kind of work, they are hoping to algorithm.

wrote this article because in the "prize quiz: Shanghai dragon VIP ranking will be back?" found some such remarks this article’s message:


currently only Shanghai dragon VIP a website to resume, but I see the updated love Shanghai released some old site. So this is not a normal site recovery, because home so many sites may not cheat. One of the few Shanghai dragon training people I know, I know they are not cheating. But why do they not recovered, actually why Liu Huanbin would recover, and recover so quickly. In fact, this is a typical, not a rule. Yesterday in the "forecast Shanghai Longfeng VIP ranking three days will definitely be back" in this article is the analysis of the reasons for the analysis of the wrong people have different opinions.

this also explains why Shanghai will love at a specific time to release some specific K or restore some is right down the website, this.

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