What Earth looks like from the International Space Station

first_imgPhotos of Earth taken from space are always powerful reminders of our technological progress. At once, these images show us how far we’ve come and yet how small we are in the grand scheme of things–our largest cities no more than sparkles of electric light on the surface of our own planet.Photographer Knate Myers recently took that duality to a whole new level by turning a collection of images from the International Space Station into a short video. Each frame of the video is a different, lightly Photoshopped time-lapse shot taken by crews on board the ISS, which means you get to see some beautiful imagery of our planet as it turns below. The sequences that feature flashes of lightning and the Auroras are particularly dazzling, and the frequent backdrop of the whirling cosmos certainly doesn’t hurt the presentation.What I like most about Myers’ video is the presence of the ISS itself. Almost every segment has a bit of the station in view or is shot through an observation window, and it serves as a constant reminder of where the images came from. Seeing the planet’s surface, the stars, and the ISS all moving together, you get a sense of what it’s like to be on the station. All photos of Earth are reminders that we’ve reached out into space, these highlight what we built when we got there.More imagery from the ISS, minus the musical accompaniment, is available on NASA’s Crew Earth Observations Videos page, which breaks all the views down by different regions of Earth.Read more at NASAlast_img

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