The website of the Tourist Board of Istria has become a real destination portal with a focus on tourists and experiences

first_imgOn the other hand, communication is based not so much on destinations, but on the promotion of experiences, more precisely on six of them: Sun and sea, Green Istria, Culture, Gourmet, Sport and outdoor and health and beauty. Thus, Istria is again far ahead of everyone. Not just in performance, but in the way of thinking. Other destinations can follow the step, they have all the same prerequisites, but they do not follow the rhythm. There is only one reason. Istria really deals with the strategic and market development of a tourist destination. And there is one, but big difference in the success of Istria. What is quite clear at first is that the focus is on readers, ie on tourists and the promotion of the whole destination, and not on b2b information according to the profession. Only one correct fact speaks enough about success. Last year, in just 24 hours, 600 tickets were sold for the excellent tourist product Istria Wine & Walk. I emphasize all tickets are sold online. What is certainly missing is an additional step forward in the context of direct content sales. The champions in this field are certainly the cluster of northwestern Istria that are through the brand pioneers and far ahead of everyone in branding the destination, ie the content of their cluster, and have been working on this very concept for years. Through articles, videos and photos, they promote their events and them through the platform sell directly online. Also, there is a category that brings a list of all events, as well as a list of all accommodation facilities, restaurants. Each destination has its own subpage, but currently there is still a lack of material for each destination that is related to the same, but which will surely be filled during the year. By the way, the website is the most visited tourist website in Istria and the main digital insight into Istria’s offer. So the new design and focus on promoting it to visitors is definitely a good move. On the other hand all business information is still there right at the bottom of the website. There is also a TOP 5 category which, through various articles, highlights the 5 best activities and experiences that tourists can experience in Istria, and which in turn leads further to destinations or links to experiences. The refreshed, modern and simple website design is focused on large images and click byte articles, and the main focus is on the promotion of destinations, experiences and reasons to visit Istria. The entire website is thus divided into five main categories: Explore Istria, Destinations, Experience Istria, Accommodation and MyIstria Attachment: New destination portal of Istria – One of the novelties is the MyIstria category, which serves as a travel planner. Thus, each article has the possibility to be marked and dragged into a kind of basket, thus obtaining a personalized planner. Also, there is a kind of aggregator that through the initial two options (Sport or leisure) leads further to different subcategories or style of discovering Istria. From adventure, romance, nature, city, party, relax, gourmet… and finally offers articles on selected topics. There is also a category of your story, which shows pictures of Istria that visitors have posted on their Instagram profile. On the first day of 2019, the official website of the Istrian Tourist Board , has experienced a total turnaround through a new design and approach to the promotion of Istria as our main tourist destination. It should be emphasized that behind the new digital platform, in the technical segment, is the Istrian Development Tourism Agency (IRTA), which has been working for years on monitoring the performance of the portal, online promotion of the portal and destination, communication on social networks and other development projects such as are Istra Inspirit, Hotspot Croatia, contact and sales center destination center and many others. Basically everything fits together nicely and synergistically. Selecting one of the experiences opens articles that aim to introduce readers deeper into the story depending on the category. So if you choose, for example, Sport and Outdoor, articles appear such as: Seven waterfalls for an unforgettable experience and walks and hiking to the best place for a selfie. However, all articles skillfully lead to additional information and links as well as to specialized websites for a special type of tourism ( Istra Trails, Istra Gourmet, Istra Bike, Istra Inspirit, Istra Culture ) where all additional information is. From wine roads to cycling maps and signs. All in all, we should certainly praise the transformation of the main digital platform of Istrian tourism towards the right destination portal, focused on tourists and the promotion of the experience as a motive for coming, not just the sun and the sea. Surely the content will be filled in day by day and as the website will grow and continue to evolve. last_img

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