Red page color matching recommendation and text color match

red is a popular choice in web design, while red is divided into very many red ones, such as vermilion and crimson…… And how do these different "red" match? Which colors can be set off to make them more harmonious and attractive,


one. Vermilion

Zhu red is the traditional color Chinese name, Zhu Hong is cinnabar color than red (R:255 G:0 B:0) more lively, enthusiastic, color purity is higher, there are other color ink, Dan said.

red, because of its obvious characteristics, is very easy to make people feel excited, often used in food, promotions, festivals, fashion, leisure and other types of web pages. read more

What kind of article is suitable for network promotion

network promotion, it is means there are tricks one after another, either way, has its admirable, in many promotion means, I only have a special liking to the promotion of soft, the most favored! Of course, this does not mean I don’t care about the other way, just the first dragon the wolf, the king, personally think that in many promotion means, the promotion of soft role should be ranked first.

may have friends to see this view when, or greatly dissatisfied, denounced as heresies, but today only a paper of their own views, not to discuss the promotion of soft paper ranked in the network promotion problems, only talk about what kind of articles for network promotion. read more

Talent online promotion method

to write this article, just talk about personal views, words not too strict, hope to provide some useful experience to do talent station friends, also hope that the veterans who don’t mind.

believe that ninety-nine percent of the webmaster, are counted as grassroots, and grassroots, ninety-nine percent are struggling.

from Shenzhen to Hunan back home in Yiyang, to assist the family manages a small computer training school (in AD: Xiaoyu Yiyang computer school of art, in the arrangement of students’ employment, most of them are delivered to Dongguan, Shenzhen and other places, sometimes in order to arrange a civilian, will bring the students East West, so he wanted to be a talent website at home to local students to digest. read more

Ten P’s successful marketing blog

From the

into the network marketing college that day, my study, life and blog firmly bolt together, learning basic technology of network marketing, I learned to set up a blog, have their own network marketing platform. After that, I have been writing articles as the main marketing tool. As far as success is concerned, I don’t know whether I am successful or not. Have you had any success before?

I think of myself as a blogger, and blogs now rely on blogs of their own. Each finished article, went to the Sohu, Sina, network owners and other major portals, community forums, blog post submission, usually adding relevant keywords in each article with a link to your blog, internodes for my blog to do publicity, is a free marketing means read more

Promote the website to use three hearts carefulness patience and common sense

after the website home page snapshot has been stuck in the two weeks ago, then according to the previous experience of the chain, just do a lot of effect is not good, until a few days ago and found a lot of BBS signature was not included into the chain, do not know because the cause of the Forum account number or Baidu included anyway, feel to do so outside the chain of my website little effect. A simple analysis of the chain composition, can roughly draw the growth of the chain is mainly composed of soft Wen, there is almost no forum signature, is through the chain query, get the conclusion, which continue to do the chain in accordance with those recognized outside the chain, today finally let the page snapshot occurs within a week. read more

Small talk about the second step of SNS reasons for subdividing SNS success

Red Eagle campus network is built by UCHOME, and UCHMOE to build a website on the function is basically the same, so how to use these same functional areas attract our users to polymerization our user, to the user as the purpose of the spirit of the park, in the "small talk SNS first step: SNS website the vitality of", has been outlined.

Compared to the

website and boomy QQ space, on the whole is not competitive, but the rise, from SNS site in Changxin, we can analyze the reason of unbeaten subdivision of the success of SNS. Friendship, a strong link, the students are a period of time, but friendship is a lifetime. read more

Know play the game network is how to develop

1, a group of Editors (this is not hard to elaborate).

1.1, pay attention to the construction of the forum.

2, a crisis broken axe.

3, after the slowdown, seize the opportunities for client tools and web products.

(05~06) Warcraft

did the Warcraft zone first and accumulated a certain popularity base.

but a year later, development has encountered a bottleneck. Traffic is not up, the first investment of money to spend.

(06~08) after a broken axe barbaric growth

this is the "crisis moment" mentioned above, when Li Xueling decided to change the strategy of "single zone" and transform it into "multi zone" mode. If you can’t do it, take the parcel and leave. At that time, each editor himself claimed a game, built a zone, free development. Since then, play the game network also entered a period of barbaric growth stage. At that time, the most successful is the "swordsman" area, which is now more network editor Zhang Qi fan did. read more

Golden wrong knife micro innovation killer’s three key features

"micro killers" everywhere, whether Internet Co (such as aging VANCL), or individuals (Bruce Lee), or products (Sina, micro-blog), and very traditional companies (Nordic Airlines).

if innovation is compared to rowing, "micro innovation" is like a single boat, fast and sharp; and "micro killer" is a multi kayak, faster and more sustainable, that is, "very fierce, very durable."".

micro innovation is so tough, so not every tiny surge high and sweep forward, but can become a "micro killer"". It is only when a "slight" innovation creates the potential value to the greatest extent that it can be called "success", which we call a "micro – killer". read more

Humanistic care of webmaster management

website, maintenance, update, promotion is a very complicated project, the middle of the sour, sweet, bitter, hot only we owners own experience, if only by a person’s ability to manage the website construction is a very difficult thing, the webmaster will pre organized your team early in the site are as for the team, because the scale of station varies, how to manage their own team for webmasters and web site is crucial, the webmaster team is not only the vitality of the site, is the source of power to promote the site to move forward, and then the webmaster if still blindly to ignore the spirit of teamwork, brute courage, oversight team the management, it is easy to cause the website "insufficient" phenomenon, the webmaster and share a little management experience, hope that we can together is exciting. read more

Ask stationmaster what is the website doing

every day to see this site webmaster discussion, recently also has a little bit of sentiment, always feel want to say something, today on essay writing.

with the advent of the Internet era, more and more friends on the Internet, where many people where there are opportunities, a classic the same philosophy, made a website how much money the excitement in the XX who, so most of my friends have hundreds of tickets! Dream to join the industry to do stand long.

In fact, when

to each other are very confused, there are a lot of problems do not know, just a dream one day to make a hao123 or Hua Jun software Niubi stand out, but it was too little, less and less, and the previous path are not, how study on technology and advertising? Cheating cheating, brush flow, improve Alexa ranking, a Trojan virus, on the acquisition, desperately SEO website optimization, the result is trash or garbage station, because you did not find their own way, others users of your station has no demand. read more