Zoupian Jian Feng survey of Shanghai wins love optimization

has just entered the Shanghai dragon in this line, heard a thunder of the sentence "content is king, the chain for the emperor". Then follow the general mad content, follow the general crazy hair chain. Suddenly one day, the site was K. Oh, know. I love Shanghai is garbage article, said I was outside the chain of waste. When 08 years of nostalgia, do a forum. Not so many tools. Copy and paste, into an article of the article, finally, to enrich the content, and then exchange friends forum links, finally in a mad chain. Finally, the ranking is rather baffling. read more

The website ranking is not good What’s the matter Website ranking do not cause exposure

small itself engaged in network promotion for nearly 7 years, the middle contact all kinds of enterprises have hundreds, in addition to help others diagnostic sites also have hundreds of enterprises, especially in the promotion of the website, which is the impression audit, site diagnosis, said ranking is not good, the ranking can not go up then, I found the website of Shanghai Longfeng foundation that most people are not ready, that these people did not understand the initial system of Shanghai Dragon technology promotion, so if your site seems to be very hard, the data is also very good, but the ranking is not good, you need to first check the Shanghai Dragon foundation set up, mainly as follows 1.301 or redirect. 2.404 error page. 3. site map sitemap. The 4. domain name with WWW and without WWW is analytic normal. 5. is the 2 space binding domain bound well. These factors are very important. read more

Analysis of Shanghai dragon constant rule of love from the Shanghai incident in 520

1, the content of high quality

, 3 station time factorsThere are 3 stations,

like most webmaster, I also face the helpless, so I did not eat a meal, I started thinking about this thing, because although the majority of the website ranking dropped, but I stand 3 competitors, some do not have it! This is certainly not accidental, although often original competitor analysis station no, but how in-depth analysis, and today is a good analysis of competitor ranking stable, no matter how love Shanghai algorithm is to improve the user experience in the first place, individual stationmaster also ran this concept to the construction site, so that the same after analysis! Day afternoon, I finally came to the conclusion, to share with you. read more

High quality Links reflected in what place


generally, a weight high website snapshot love Shanghai time is usually within 24 hours, which is the next snapshot, just like today is 10, then love Shanghai in 9 is a snapshot of the time. Exchange Links when I generally choose the snapshot site to exchange, general love Shanghai frequently updated website snapshot every day must be a love Shanghai love, of course, every 2-3 days do not have much relationship, we generally choose the snapshot within 3 days of the station as fast, too long. Certainly will not be exchanged, because every snapshot too far stations usually have may be punished love Shanghai website, and this exchange station Links would most likely troubler. Of course, specially to see love Shanghai snapshot it definitely cannot tell whether the other site for high quality. read more

How to modify the website template to ensure the weight is not decreased

After 6

1, one-time modified title in the title to modify the site, please make sure your new title. So think good changes, if you modify the title today, and tomorrow.

2, to the website, good old website of the new interconnection, the new websites before the old site should be retained for a period of time, the old version of the website data retention.

4, the original site if the performance of the search engine is very good, do not arbitrarily change the site structure. If the performance is not good in the search engine, the site structure should be considered comprehensive, directly set a good website structure. read more

Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform news source can apply for pre station entrance

A5 station network October 27th news: love Shanghai news sources regularly review the news source site at the same time, the news source for the majority of owners have feedback and feedback for the entrance problem is not clear, as a news source management side love Shanghai Webmaster Platform recent news source of front entrance.


in order to promote the love of Shanghai news source can provide more high-quality content for the majority of users, now Shanghai Webmaster Platform officially opened the news source for the channel, the specific location feedback center 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/feedback. Whether to apply to become a news source, or the recovery of news sources can be submitted here, through the audit before the entry into force (see Shanghai news source about love: 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/wiki/208). read more

A push exchange Links detail skills

Don’t cheat and do For

1. to find high weight site exchange, preferably PR6

we all know, a web site in the search engine weight is very high, the authority is very high, if you can use a variety of methods in that they link to, will also be search engine identification. Links weight value is 0-10 and PR3, if can exchange the link above, then your weight will make up.

Links can enhance the site’s weight, rankings, quality Links can give the website keywords enterprises bring high ranking. Do Links, can be said to be very selfish. I remember a friend had a website and no other words, let others add other keywords for him, second days came to the home page. Can know about, Links role is subtle. read more

Experience brush P flow on the hazard ranking web site

have seen a lot of brush flow software on the Internet, as each brush is the real IP platform, search engine and Alexa can monitor, long-term use can improve website ranking. Here is one of my website, Taobao perfect gender (贵族宝贝taobao303贵族宝贝) brush flow a week to Alexa ranking.

as a grassroots webmaster, began to do when there is a lot of successful owners told me: do step by step, to have patience, to insist, don’t cheat, want to know whether Alexa, Google or love Shanghai, countless people smarter than us. Have read many books about search engine optimization, without exception mentioned Shanghai Longfeng purposes should be user centric, focusing on improving the user experience, improve the site function, can optimize to optimize, but not to search engine cheating. read more

For some understanding of long tail keywords on Taobao customers

because of long tail keywords competition degree than the main keywords, naturally do long term webmaster is also very little, but now the website is more and more saturated era, through market segmentation can make their own in the slit >

is easy to maintain, ranking stable

most type is almost not what degree of competition, but also because of the long tail keywords flow is not high, so many owners have not paid enough attention to. In this era of scarcity of high traffic keywords, long tail keywords should belong to the individual owners preference. After all, because a person is doing the station itself, with the popular keyword competition is good, every website to do is special, so I suggest a high flow of popular keywords Taobao don’t pursue guest. Alone to compete popular keywords but very laborious, but also can not grasp the have no effect. For Taobao personal guest, the most ideal of nature is to choose the long tail keywords low degree of competition, after all, long tail keywords little competition and optimization work to do is relatively small. It is easy to get good rankings, but also the corresponding ranking steadily. read more

Don’t rush to clear the line on the website included site optimization is the priority among priorit


webmaster website in the hope is that the site is included in the fastest time, so many sites webmaster ignored the station optimization, after the website domain name to site space, hurried to the major search engines included submitted a request, I think this is wrong. Want to be included in the webmaster website immediately thought we can understand, but deviate from the rules of search engine optimization thought we must abandon, after the website domain name resolution, we have carried out a series of optimization of their chosen program, website content, below I talk about how to do the preparatory work before the site included. read more