Shanghai dragon VP ranking recovery cases we don’t take it seriously

due to the first two day Shanghai launched a new algorithm Scindapsus, spread to many websites, even the famous Shanghai dragon VIP training site is down right. We all know that Shanghai Longfeng VIP is Shanghai dragon circles the God class Liu Huanbin, before he was framed this website because others drop right, but it wasn’t long before he recovered, after I even judge Shanghai Longfeng VIP this site will no longer appear right down this situation, I have been a Shanghai judge love search engine high quality site protection mechanism, it seems No. In fact, Shanghai dragon training the word I have been more concerned about, I do this line from Shanghai dragon began to pay more attention to, so it also has more than three years. In addition to Shanghai dragon WHY basically without what website can fall in love with the sea for a year, are the lights for the horse. With this update result basically is home a big shake, the original home website all fall down. read more

Do the analysis method on the right side of the map of Shanghai ranked love

second step love what you need to do right, you which map, click on the map which. I am currently looking for friends in the development of software, will move IP, their point map software. Little more better, but with a little more IP is of no use.

I The fifth step:

last month, why love Shanghai in the upper right corner of the map for a while, sometimes not. So I began to study the love map of Shanghai on the right side of the rankings, two weeks after I finally understood his principle, smile now know wheat and beans network many friends want to know this, smile all wheat and beans to introduce in the following. read more