EAs Origin game store challenges Steam and Games for Windows

first_imgElectronic Arts (EA) announced today that they would launch the Origin game store and social network, a direct-download game marketplace and social service for gamers who play EA titles. The new store is available now, and already has over 150 EA titles in it. In the future, EA will publish all of its new games, including Battlefield 3, FIFA 12, and games from partner studios in the Origin store.Origin will be a web store and a downloadable application for your computer. The Origin store will function a lot like Steam and Games for Windows, in that there’ll be an application on your system that will manage installations, licensing, updates, and new purchases for you electronically. The app will also keep track of your achievements, let you connect with other people who play the same games, and share what you’re playing with friends.AdChoices广告If all of that sounds familiar, it should: EA is taking direct aim at those competing services with Origin. Back when Steam first launched, it was untested and both gamers and publishers were unsure if digital distribution would even work, or whether anyone would be willing to give up physical media. Steam has clearly been a huge success, something that Microsoft can’t claim with Games for Windows, but that likely has more to do with the Games for Windows client than the concept of digital distribution.One area Origin will go that Steam and Games for Windows do not is onto mobile devices. EA plans to give gamers with smartphones who play EA games on their devices a way to connect with Origin, find their friends, and play multiplayer games with them. They even tipped there’ll be a mobile version of Battlefield 3 that will be playable using Origin. EA also plans exclusive content, game releases, downloads, and easy purchasing through the Origin store.The big question that goes unanswered with all of this news however is whether or not EA will pull its game library from other digital download stores because they’re launching their own. Many gamers already have both Steam and Games for Windows on their systems, and Mac users have adopted Steam wholeheartedly. We’ll have to see if EA moves to force people who want their games to install Origin to buy and download them.Read more at Origin via BusinessWirelast_img read more