Queen V Returns, But Will She Take Back Her Title?

first_imgeen V, Liberia’s female rap goddess .Queen V, Liberia’s female rap goddess who has been less than active on the musical front for years now, has just dropped two new singles in a bid to restate her relevance to the music industry.The two singles, ‘Sidiki’ and ‘I Na Gbelleh,’ since their release a week ago have received 7OO plus downloads on Liberia’s biggest music portal, Tunes Liberia, and are gradually becoming DJ and fan favorites.The Queen, from back in 2006 when Hipco started to gain momentum, blazed the trail for other female rap artists with her hit single ‘Far Way to Go.’That single broke the glass ceiling by making her the first female rap artist to release a single when opportunities for women in the genre were very scarce.Since then she has released 11 singles and done several collabos, some of which have rocked the industry. She was once a relevant force in the industry due to her unique lyrical flow and unique style of expression that helped to redefine the genre.But that’s not the case at present.Since the single, ‘Jue You Bad,’ which became an instant hit, the rapper has not been able to maintain such a feat. ‘Jue You Bad,’ was so catchy that even underage youth couldn’t help but sing along. Unfortunately, after that unforgettable track, she has dropped a few singles, but none of them made any impact, not quite as ‘Jue You Bad.’The song’s popularity transcended racial, gender, class, and generational divides. And with such fame and power at the time as the biggest female rap artist, it seemed nearly impossible for her to fail to make a hit with subsequent singles.But as things stand, the Queen is battling to make a comeback – not only a comeback, but to regain her lost status or title.The song, ‘Sidiki’ talks about a broke guy who wants her for free; and ‘I Na Gbelleh’ is her comeback attempt to reclaim her place as the most successful female hit-maker.Meanwhile, the song is a banger that is good for parties, clubs, even for relaxation. Interestingly, ‘Hold Ground’ comes with an up-tempo Afrobeat-dancehall feel, good enough for heavy rotation on any playlist. The response has so far been good, which matches how good this jam is.Definitely, ‘Sidiki’ and ‘I Na Gbelleh’ are songs for all. As you all know, Queen V’s songs are also well-cooked to satisfy your dance and listening desires. So rush now and grab them!Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

What does Andrew Bogut think of Kevin Durant?

first_imgKlay Thompson subscribes. You can too for just 11 cents a day for 11 months + receive a free Warriors Championship book. Sign me up!OAKLAND – As expected, the Warriors have discovered it has not taken long for Andrew Bogut to pick up on things.After previously playing for four years with the Warriors, Bogut returned to the Warriors two weeks ago and already has become familiar with the team’s defensive schemes. He has proven comfortable defending with Draymond Green and Andre Iguodala. He has …last_img read more

Evolutionists Caught in the Act – of Exaggerating

first_imgA headline on Science Daily and PhysOrg announced breathlessly, suggested that mistakes are a gold mine for creative Darwinian power: “Mutations are the raw material of evolution.”    The press release went on to glorify Darwin: “Charles Darwin already recognized that evolution depends on heritable differences between individuals: those who are better adapted to the environment have better chances to pass on their genes to the next generation,” the article explained up front in classic Darwinese.  “A species can only evolve if the genome changes through new mutations, with the best new variants surviving the sieve of selection,” it continued in neo-Darwinese.    Experiments were done on the lab plant Arabidopsis thalliana.  Did the scientists find any beneficial mutations that might help this little herb graduate into something bigger and better, say, an orchid?  No.  In fact, they found that it was a degenerate sibling of a more-fit cousin that can live for years instead of months.  The only suggested benefit they mentioned was possible resistance to pesticides.  That kind of “improvement,” however, might turn out to be a loss of fitness overall – just as a man can become resistant to handcuffs by cutting off his hands.    Of some concern is the mutation rate they measured.  A large population of Arabidopsis plants can expect to have a mutation at every point in its genome.  “If you apply our findings to humans, then each of us will have on the order of 60 new mutations that were not present in our parents.”  Michael Lynch tried to spin this as a benefit for Darwinism: “Everything that is genetically possible is being tested in a very short period.”  The press release ended on a note of novelty: the finding represents “a very different view than perhaps the one we are all most familiar with: that evolution reveals itself only after thousands, if not millions of years.”Did anyone see evolution here?  Did anyone see this little mustard plant growing into something bigger, stronger, or substantially different because of all the mistakes nature throws at it?  Most of the mutants probably died.  The others are probably straining under mutational load (04/09/2007, 12/14/2006, 10/17/2007 bullet 4).     “Everything that is genetically possible is being tested in a very short period of time,” they said.  Evolutionists apparently think that shooting bullets at a computer more rapidly will lead to faster progress.  Who is doing the testing?  By phrasing it in subjunctive voice, they left you wondering.  We know who it is; it’s Tinker Bell, the fairy goddess of the Darwin Party.  She zaps organisms with her mutation wand at random.  Only the ones that turn into orchids, or eagles, or elephants, or scientists, live to reproduce.  That’s the reigning myth of our elite academic culture.    A more reasonable conclusion from this study is that living things have not been suffering under a mutational load this heavy for millions of years, but for a much shorter time.  That they can still survive is due to amazing systems of DNA repair (see next headline).  To say that these mutations are the “raw material of evolution” is like calling terrorists entrepreneurs.  Get real.(Visited 8 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Monarch Deposed by Painted Lady

first_img(Visited 35 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0 Painted lady butterflies make an even more spectacular migration than the famous Monarchs, observers just found.The Monarch butterfly travels about 6,000 miles round trip in its migration from Canada to Mexico.  That record has been bested by painted ladies, which fly 9,000 miles, it has just been discovered.  This amazing feat was just reported today on the BBC News and Science Now.  Richard Fox, the survey manager of Butterfly Conservation said,“This tiny creature weighing less than a gram, with a brain the size of a pin head, and no opportunity to learn from older, experienced individuals, undertake [sic] an epic intercontinental migration.”Why wasn’t this discovered before now?  Brits thought the colorful insects just died off at the end of summer.  It turns out, rather, that they land in the British Isles as a feeding stop on their intercontinental migration from tropical Africa to the edge of the Arctic Circle and back.  While in the UK, they increase their numbers till they leave in two waves, one in August and one in October.  They were not seen migrating because they fly super-high: average 500 meters, but as high as 1,000 meters.  It took radar to spot them.Thousands of participants took part in solving the mystery of where they went.  As with Monarchs, it takes up to six generations of butterflies to complete the annual trip.   With favorable winds they can fly 30 miles per hour.Painted ladies with their bright orange-dappled wings have been appreciated casually for millennia, but only now have their epic migrations been recognized.  One of the authors of the paper said, “So we’ve kind of got this amazing creature right under our noses without really realising.”This discovery suggests that more incredible stories are still out there.  Here it is, 2012, and we are just finding out this amazing migration story.  Congratulations to all those who took part; everyone who loves natural wonders should be very pleased.  Will more epic migrations be found in Russia, China, or other parts of the world?  It would be surprising if Monarchs and Painted Ladies are the only species that travel this far.A new 3-D IMAX film about Monarchs is out this month, Flight of the Butterflies.  Interesting observation: There’s a quote on the home page, “Evolution is written on the wings of butterflies.”  A couple of weeks ago, Charles Darwin was listed as the source.  Today, his name has been scrubbed, but the quote is still there.  Wonder what happened; was there a complaint? Is Darwin’s name too controversial?If you want a documentary that takes on the assumption of evolution, be sure to watch Metamorphosis: The Beauty and Design of Butterflies from Illustra Media (available in DVD and Blu-Ray with surround sound).  The film masterfully shows many species of butterflies in all their glory, with a focus on their amazing life-cycles that defy evolution, and then reveals the Monarch migration in a heart-lifting true-life adventure story.  This is a wonderful tool to share the positive case for intelligent design.  Now it looks like a sequel featuring painted ladies would be in order.last_img read more

Seed Consultants celebrates 25 years

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest Based in Washington Court House, Seed Consultants, Inc. (SCI) was started in 1990 by Chris Jeffries and Dan Fox and today has grown to be the largest Ohio based seed company. Over the past 25 years, SCI has seen much growth and many positive changes.“Seed Consultants has experienced tremendous growth over our first 25 years,” said Daniel Call, the general manager. “We are grateful to our customers and employees who have allowed us to experience this growth and success. We are excited to continue this growth and service to our customers over the next 25 years.”In 2000, the company built a state-of-the-art conditioning facility at its Washington Court House location with a cleaning capacity of one million units of soybeans and wheat. In 2001, SCI purchased the retail seed sales of Warner Seeds of Bradford, Ohio and entered into a long-term agreement with Warner Seeds for irrigated production of hybrid seed corn. The corn production arm, Warner Seeds and Dull Homestead, recently invested more than $3.5 million in new construction and renovation of their seed corn plants. In 2009, SCI purchased an additional warehouse in Sabina, Ohio, gaining an additional 130,000 square feet of storage space.SCI has remained focused on customer service, good business practices and values while continuing to grow the business. Seed Consultants was built on a foundation of honesty and ethical treatment of customers, and continues to live up to that legacy.SCI has committed tremendous resources to determining where hybrids and varieties are best adapted and supplying customers with elite genetics that will perform on their soils. Seed Consultants corn, soybeans, wheat and alfalfa varieties are selected specifically for the eastern Corn Belt’s unique soil types and growing conditions. Since 2008, SCI is the only eastern Corn Belt based seed company with four national and 31 state winners in the NCGA Yield Contest. On average, SCI annually plants more than 45,000 yield plots at 75 research locations throughout Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Ohio, North Carolina and Virginia.last_img read more

Protest against ‘Muslim’ faculty continues in BHU

first_imgProtests against the appointment of a “Muslim” assistant professor in the Sanskrit Faculty of Banaras Hindu University continued on Tuesday, 12 days after it began.The university, however, reiterated that the appointment was made as per norms and there was no need for further clarification.The students opposed to the appointment of Assistant Professor Firoz Khan in the Sahitya (Literature) Department of the Sanskrit Vidya Dharm Vigyan of the central university staged a sit-in and recited the Hanuman Chalisa. They argued that Mr. Khan may be eligible to teach the Sanskrit ‘language’ but not the Sanskrit ‘vidya dharma’, primarily due to his religious identity.The students have been demanding that Mr. Khan be transferred to another faculty. ‘Dharma yudh’“The dharma yudh (holy war) goes on,” posted Shubham Tiwary, one of the students leading the protest, on Facebook.While he was not reachable on phone, in another Facebook post Mr. Tiwary, a Ph.D scholar, said: “Everyone has rights over a language, but not over religion”.Umakant Chaturvedi, the head of department, said the deadlock was still on and classes were not being held in the department.Amid speculation that the administration held another meeting to convince the students to drop the protests and resume classes, BHU spokesperson Rajesh Singh clarified there was no such discussion by the Vice-Chancellor on Tuesday. “Once appointment is made as per rules, we have taken a stand, [there is] no use to reiterate it,” the spokesperson said.However, asked about Mr. Khan not being able to discharge his duties as a teacher, Mr. Singh said: “He has officially joined and is getting his salary.”Mr. Khan did not respond to phone calls.last_img read more

Kawhi Leonards Rise To Superstardom

2016-1718.236.831.2 2015-1613.045.025.8 This season is different. Leonard’s usage has spiked to 31 percent (that’s Russell-Westbrook-before-this-season range), and he’s nearly doubled his pick-and-roll possessions, going from 14 percent of his possessions last season to 26 percent this season while remaining deadly effective. His 106.1 points per 100 possessions on those plays is among the best in the league, better even than Harden’s formidable pick-and-roll game this season (101.6), albeit on about half the number of possessions per game.16.1 pick-and-roll possessions per game for Leonard, 11.7 for Harden. Leonard still gets a lot of spot-up jumpers, but he’s now being assisted on only 37 percent of his 2-pointers, pretty much in line with LeBron James or an in-his-prime Kobe Bryant. He’s creating his own offense now, rather than waiting for the offense to come to him.Maybe most impressively, Leonard has done all this without dropping an ounce of efficiency. After Monday night, his 61.7 true shooting percentage had inched past his career-high from last season (61.6 percent). This is somewhat surprising, given that Leonard has gone from shooting 44 percent on 3-pointers last season to 39 percent this season. But he’s made up for that by adding more long twos to his game — often on quick curls around a high screen, as he did in the Houston game, but also in isolation on a variety of hesitation and pull-up moves — and making nearly half of them. These are the shots that had DeMarcus Cousins saying that he saw “flashes of Kobe” in Kawhi’s game, and it’s rare that workmanlike perimeter grinders are able to add them to their games so successfully. Guys learn to shoot corner threes much more often than they learn to Kobe-step.That ability to pick up hard-to-master skills is what makes Leonard such an intriguing prospect, even now as a credible MVP candidate. He still isn’t as natural a passer as many of the other perimeter players who are the nexus of their teams, but he’s improving. And as we’ve seen with the maturation of Westbrook as a point guard, the transcendent passing gene may come only by birthright, but you can get pretty damn far with time and stubbornness. So far, Leonard has gone from a 13 percent assist rate the last two seasons to 18 percent this season. That’s partly just a function of using more possessions, but the capacity and willingness to do that are part of his growth. And the notion that at 25 years old, Leonard is playing this well but has clear paths to improvement is downright lurid.All this newfound offensive firepower comes alongside Leonard’s reputation as an all-world defender. The game-winning block Monday night will stand out, but it’s Leonard’s body of work that speaks for itself. His defensive numbers have been a little hard to decipher this season (they dipped badly early in the season), but defensive metrics in the NBA often are. His metrics have since normalized, and while his defensive Real Plus-Minus is still just OK, he’s now back near the top of the league in points allowed per 100 possessions as the primary defender (82.1 points per 100 possessions) and is recovering on the leaderboards of other individual stats.In all likelihood, even a sustained run of games like Monday night’s won’t do much to change Leonard’s reputation as a souped-up role player. In fact, he’s averaged 33.8 points, 8.3 rebounds and 3.3 steals in four games in March and erupted in high-profile games, such as a dominating 41-point game in a win over LeBron’s Cavs in January.Yet folks are still trying to act surprised about a pull-up and a chasedown coming in quick succession against the Rockets. To change those stripes, he’ll have to take this act deep into the playoffs, into the marquee rounds against marquee opposition, and outduel his more famous counterparts.Check out our latest NBA predictions. 2014-1513.045.023.0 2013-1410.451.918.3 Kawhi Leonard creates his own offense now The San Antonio Spurs have spent years tinkering with their style in plain sight. Since they drafted Tim Duncan in 1997, the Spurs have gone through the bruising Twin Towers and Bruce Bowen bully-ball eras; the high-octane, ball-movement era featuring Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili and Boris Diaw; and, more recently, a post-heavy attack built around LaMarcus Aldridge. San Antonio’s shifting styles have kept it current with league trends and accentuated the roster’s strengths, but traditionally, that’s meant that the Spurs’ reputation has been slightly out of step with how the team is actually playing at any given moment. Now, that disconnect between the team’s rep and its play has transferred to its best player. Kawhi Leonard is staging a bona-fide MVP campaign while playing a very different brand of basketball than he did the last time he was at the center of the basketball-watching universe.On Monday night, the Spurs took down the Houston Rockets thanks to a late-game charge led by Leonard, who went for 39 points that included a contested pull-up three followed by a game-sealing block on fellow MVP candidate James Harden.That’s as good a late-game effort as you’ll see most nights, but it’s also not altogether different from what Leonard does from night to night. That some are (correctly) holding it up as the moment Leonard’s MVP campaign launched in earnest is pretty solid evidence that the image of Leonard many fans have — dutiful two-way cog in the Spurs machine, in balance with the talented Spurs roster around him — isn’t really the guy who’s out there this season.Instead, Kahwi Leonard has stopped playing quite so much like Kawhi Leonard and taken up the game of a go-to superstar. In 2013-14, the last season the Spurs won the title, Leonard’s usage percentage was just 18.3 during the regular season, which is low for a key offensive player. Of the possessions he did use, 28 percent came on spot-up shots, and an additional 22 percent came in transition; 52 percent of his 2-point shots were assisted, making him much more reliant on others for his offense than the typical perimeter star. His role was as an elite defender and a floor spacer, not a key creator in the offense. 2012-137.754.416.4 RATE SEASONASSISTASSISTED 2PUSAGE Source: Basketball-Reference.com 2011-126.6%53.2%14.5% While Leonard has steadily grown into one of the most efficient players in the league over the last few seasons, he has still carried the label of a system player. Even last season, his most-common play type was the spot-up jumper (on which he scored a phenomenal 125.1 points per 100 possessions), which has obvious value but doesn’t fit the traditional go-to guy mold. read more