Fastest players in the Premier League – top 10 ranked by top speed reached

first_img Joint 4. Brad Smith: 35.19km per hour 6. Kyle Walker: 35.18km per hour 10 Speed is a vital component of the modern footballer, but who was the fastest player in the Premier League last season?Find out the answer in the gallery above, according to Premier League stats. 2. Marcus Rashford: 35.21km per hour 10 Joint 7. Erik Pieters: 35.1km per hour 10 10 10 9. James McClean: 35.04km per hour 10 1. Shane Long: 35.31km per hour 10 3. Matt Phillips: 35.2km per hour Joint 4. Lynden Gooch: 35.19km per hour Joint 7. Jamie Vardy: 35.1km per hour 10. Eden Hazard reached a top speed of 35.03km per hour in the 2016-17 season – click right to count down to number one 10 10 10last_img read more