Grants Awarded to Promote Mineral Exploration

first_imgNineteen prospector grants totalling $184,250 and three shared funding grants totalling $140,000 were announced today, July 6, to help find and develop mineral deposits across the province. “These grants, from the Mineral Incentive Program, play an important role in encouraging exploration that ultimately leads to new mines and job creation in rural Nova Scotia,” said Natural Resources Minister Lloyd Hines. “This year the grants will support projects that will explore for several minerals across Nova Scotia including gold, zinc, and lithium.” Prospector grants of up to $15,000 fund activities by prospectors on grassroots exploration activities to find economically viable mineral resources in Nova Scotia. Shared funding grants provide up to 50 per cent of eligible costs and are a cost-sharing initiative between industry and government designed to fund advanced exploration and evaluation activities beyond the grassroots level. “Based on $30,000 of prospector grant funding I have put in place agreements that could lead to more than $7 million in exploration projects in Yarmouth County over the next four years,” said prospector John Wightman. “This is just one example of how the Nova Scotia Mineral Incentive Program is helping prospectors and exploration companies attract new investment in the province’s mineral industry.” “The mineral incentive program supports mineral exploration that can lead to new mines, providing good jobs and economic development in rural Nova Scotia,” said Sean Kirby, executive director of the Mining Association of Nova Scotia. “It is an important tool for encouraging exploration and attracting investment, and we are very pleased that the government is continuing the program.” Applications were evaluated by a panel of three from the department’s Geoscience and Mines Branch. Evaluations were based on the quality and merit of the work proposal and the potential that the project could lead to a new mineral discovery or significantly advance a project. A map showing project locations and a list of recipients for 2016-17 can be found at Further information about the program is available at read more