These Hatch Chile Recipes Will Spice Up Your Breakfast

first_imgIngredients for Vegan Hatch Avocado Aioli1 avocado, peeled and pitted1 jar hatch chile1 tsp each salt and pepper1 squeezed limeDash of olive oilPinch of minced garlicIngredients for Sandwich:1 croissant1 boneless chicken breast3 strips thick-cut bacon1 slice swiss cheeseOlive pilSaltMethod: Blend together ingredients for the Vegan Hatch Avocado Aioli.Slice croissant in half.Heat up oil in a cast iron skillet.Rub chicken breast in oil, douse with salt.Cook chicken breast until tender. Cook bacon until evenly brown. Simultaneously butter both sides of each croissant half.Set aside chicken breast and bacon once done, reduce to low heat.Let buttered croissant simmer on skillet for 15-20 seconds.Remove from skillet. Place chicken, swiss cheese, and bacon on bottom croissant half.Douse in vegan Hatch Avocado Aioli and add top half.Zia Hatch Chile Breakfast SkilletIngredients:4 eggs1 potato.5 bell pepper, diced.5 onion, diced.25 lb bacon5 cup shredded cheddar cheese1 cup mushrooms3 tbsp of Zia Hatch Green Chile.5 tbsp of butterSalt and black pepper to tasteMethod:Crack 4 large eggs into a mixing bowl, whisk, and set aside all other ingredients.Cook bacon until evenly brown in a deep skillet, then set bacon aside.Add potatoes into the skillet, cook until they start to brown, then add other ingredients and cook until tender.Reduce to low heat and throw in whisked egg mixture and cheese.Cook and turn until eggs start to set and cheese melts.Season with salt and black pepper The Burger Show’s Alvin Cailan Shares His Burger-Making Secrets Since breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it’s important to do it up right. If going out to brunch is not on the table, then breakfast ends up being a bit lame. Soggy, box-made pancakes with fake syrup or, if you’re feeling extra lazy, a bowl of cereal.As we’ve said many times, everything has a time and a place. For us, though, breakfast means starting the day on the right foot (maybe even with a Bloody Mary). If we need to wake up, our immediate thought —aside from a steaming cup of Joe — is that we want something spicy. Not cry-into-the-corner-of-your-robe-and-pretend-it’s-allergies spicy, but piquant enough to feel awake.That’s why we reached out to the fine folks of Zia Green Chile Company (known across the country for their hatch chiles) to see how they start their day. Below, you will find an amazing chicken bacon Sswiss sandwich recipe for those looking for some meat to start the day, as well as a breakfast skillet that can be made vegetarian by taking out the bacon. (If it were up to us, we’d put more bacon in, but we won’t judge either way.)Zia Hatch Chicken Bacon Swiss Croissant How to Make Loco Moco, a Hawaiian Staple Dish Pro Chefs Dish on the Perfect Seven-Layer Dip Recipes center_img Editors’ Recommendations How to Cook Steak in the Oven The Peached Tortilla’s Fried Rice Recipe Is Just Plain Deliciouslast_img read more