Moroccan Ministry of Interior Files Lawsuit Against Chabat over Accusations of

Casablanca – The Ministry of Interior decided on February 9 to file a lawsuit against the accusations of the Secretary-General of the Independent Party (PI), Hamid Chabat, that the “deep state” murdered two politicians. In an article shared in the PI’s official website that created controversy in Morocco, the state was accused of orchestrating the assassination of two prominent politicians, Ahmed  Zaidi and Abdellah Baha who died in Oued Cherrat near Rabat on November 9, and December 7, 2014 respectively.Although the article was deleted from the website, Morocco’s Interior Ministry filed a complaint yesterday against Chabat and his party and called upon the Ministry of Justice to open investigation in this subject-matter. According to the Arabic-language news website, Alyaoum24, the Ministry of Justice has begun an investigation into the allegations following the Ministry of Interior’s request.The article came in response to a media fury surrounding Chabat after his statements on the territorial integrity of Mauritania, which caused uproar inside and outside Morocco.Recently, Rachid Nini, editor-in-chief of the daily newspaper Alakhbar,  wrote an article revealing information relating to the properties of Hamid Chabat, which the PI’s article considered an attack by the “deep state” on Chabat and his party.“But unfortunately, those who think that they control the political game believe that the moment when Hamid Chabat must be gotten rid of has come, which denotes ‘Oued Cherrat methods’ as a purely Moroccan-Moroccan method to destroy those who swim against the current,” said the article, noting that ‘Oued Cherrat methods’ means physical, moral and societal termination of individuals.This is not the first time Chabat has alluded to the probability of being murdered by what he claims to be “undemocratic forces trying to manipulate the political scene in Morocco from behind the curtains.”In an interview with France 24 earlier this month, Chabat stated that he was ready to donate his organs whether his death is “natural or not natural.” read more