Ministry of Higher Education officially recognizes the UIR

By Asmaa BahadiRabat – It’s official: diplomas from the International University of Rabat (UIR) are now equivalent to national diplomas. This comes following the publication in the official listing No. 6485 of July 25, 2016, Decree No. 2.16.244 which grants the university the recognition of the state.UIR, first university established in partnership with the state, has become the only university recognized by the state as part of the 01.00 law on higher education. A complete file containing all required elements and demonstrating all criteria defined by the tender specification was filed to the Ministry at the beginning of August 2015. The Minister of Higher Education assigned a committee of experts to study the application file.In addition to the file submission, UIR’s president and several employees made an oral presentation in front of the commission at the Ministry, and the commission made a technical visit to the University.The National Commission for Higher Education and Coordination (CNCES) approved the committee’s final report on December 28, 2015, consequently giving recognition to the UIR. The University was notified in writing from the Minister of Higher Education during the month of January 2016.According to a statement on this occasion, the University is stepping up its efforts since its establishment in 2010, “to create an excellent educational framework, develop a high-level research, and the lessons taught by highly qualified teaching staff and to offer a friendly environment for the students.” read more