Search continues for body at Texas plane crash site

ANAHUAC, Texas — Authorities have been searching a bay off southeast Texas for clues about what caused a Boeing 767 cargo plane carrying Amazon packages to nose-dive into the shallow water, killing all three men on board.A north wind aided searchers by exposing more of the three-quarter-mile debris field left Saturday when Houston-bound Flight 3591, which Atlas Air was operating for Amazon, disintegrated on impact in Trinity Bay, about 35 miles (55 kilometres) east of the city, a sheriff said Sunday night.Crews using airboats and helicopters circled the crash scene, where white chunks of fuselage could be seen above long grass. The muddy landscape has made the process “painstaking,” National Transportation Safety Board Chairman Robert Sumwal said. Deputies and investigators from the FBI and NTSB have been gathering human remains and looking for the plane’s black box, which records flight data and voices in the cockpit.Emergency workers recovered two bodies on Sunday and sent them to a medical examiner’s office for autopsies.A statement from Chambers County Sheriff Brian Hawthorne says he was notified Monday evening that the bodies have been identified as those of Conrad Aska, the 44-year-old first officer and co-pilot of Atlas Air Flight 3591, and Sean Archuleta, a 36-year-old jump-seat passenger.Archuleta, a captain with Mesa Airlines, had been getting a lift back to his home in the Houston area, his friend told the Houston Chronicle . The 36-year-old was a new father and weeks away from starting his “dream” job flying for United Airlines, Don Dalton, Archuleta’s roommate, told the paper.Archuleta’s wife lives in Colombia and was “devastated” by the news of his death, Dalton said.Atlas Air said in a Sunday statement that it has established a program to support the families of the dead and that it has a team, including CEO Bill Flynn, at the crash site to assist investigators.The last previous crash involving a large cargo plane in the United States was in 2016, according to a Federal Aviation Administration spokesman. The landing gear of a FedEx flight collapsed after touching down at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, causing the left wing of the McDonnell Douglas MD-10-10F to catch fire. The plane was badly damaged, but the two crew members were able to evacuate, the spokesman said.___Associated Press writer Bleiberg reported from Dallas.Jake Bleiberg And John L. Mone, The Associated Press read more

You cant cheat then Queen asks as she learns to use selfservice

Before she left, she met a small selection of around 30 of Sainsbury’s 180,000 employees, including some of the 35,000 staff volunteering in their communities to celebrate the 150th anniversary, before unveiling a plaque and cutting a cake to mark the occasion. Lord Sainsbury, life president and former chief executive of the company, greeted the Queen and called her visit “very flattering”.He said: “I’m proud to say that what the company has contributed over the years has made it worthy of it.”Of course, it’s a great compliment.” Mr Corcoran, a former Captain in the Royal Signals, said that in his work for Sainsbury’s he generally found there were two types of customers: those who embraced new technology quickly and were keen to use it, and others who needed a bit more help from staff. The Queen examines a ration bookCredit:Reuters The Queen is shown a typical 2019 shopping basketCredit:Reuters Off duty, she is said to occasionally pop into shops in Ballater near Balmoral when she is staying on her Scottish estate. During her visit to Sainsbury’s in Covent Garden, the Queen was shown around mocked-up store fronts from history. The pop-up store, only a few hundred yards from where Sainsbury’s first set up in business on a stall at 173 Drury Lane in 1869, is open all week for the company’s 150th celebrations.During a half hour visit, the Queen saw a replica of the firm’s first delivery bike, used to take goods to customers in Croydon, south London, before seeing counters displaying the first three items the shops sold: butter, milk and eggs. The Queen examines a ration book A mock-up of an original Sainbury’s storeCredit:Reuters The Queen had her suspicions about the self-service check outCredit:Reuters While the Queen is not a regular visitor to supermarkets, she has previously made official visits to shops including a 2016 trip to Waitrose in Poundbury with Prince Philip, Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall.  Beside one counter, Lord Sainsbury of Preston Candover, the company’s 91-year-old life president, and his wife Lady Anya, reminisced with the Queen about ration books, which the company helped to introduce during the Second World War.She recalled her ration book – “it was very small” – and told the Sainsburys how the Royal Family used to supplement their rations with eggs and cheese from the farm at Windsor. “As a Sunday treat we had some sweeties. But we were lucky we had a farm,” the Queen said. The Queen sees inside a replica of one of the original Sainsbury's stores in Covent Garden One item that caught her eye from 1953 was an empty jar of bloater paste, a fish paste made from herring.“Ghastly,” the Queen said.“I was thinking the same,” said Ms Bennett. “Disgusting.”The Queen appeared surprised by some of the items in the modern day shopping basket, which included fish pie and curry ready meals.When Ms Bennett showed her a packet of sachets of porridge and explained people liked the sachets, the Queen said: “Porridge? Tastes have changed.” The Queen sees inside a replica of one of the original Sainsbury’s stores in Covent GardenCredit:Reuters A mock-up of an original Sainbury's store The Queen had her suspicions about the self-service check out As Queen, she has had little opportunity to get to grips with the mundane reality of modern supermarket shopping.So when she was taught to use a self-service scanner today, she only had one question on her mind: could it be tricked?The Queen, who was visiting a Sainsbury’s store to celebrate the chain’s 150th anniversary, was given a demonstration of a new till and weighing scale, asking: “And you can’t trick it? You can’t cheat then?”Reassured by Damien Corcoran, a regional manager for Sainsbury’s stores in the north east of England, that the weighing scale would catch out any unscrupulous shoppers, the Queen was told how people put items from their baskets on the scales, key in details, and normally pay with credit cards.When the manager claimed many people liked the convenience of being able to do it themselves, she replied: “I’m sure they do. Everybody wants to hurry.”Mr Corcoran also showed her how some shoppers now dispensed with tills altogether, choosing instead to pay via a mobile telephone app. “That’s an interesting tool,” the Queen, who is 93, replied. She was shown how tastes have changed since her Coronation when one Sainsbury’s staff member, Lynn Bennett, showed her a typical shopping basket from 1953 and one from the present day. The Queen is shown a typical 2019 shopping basket “I think if I had seen the Queen in one of my stores in the north east of England I would have made sure I had assisted her,” he said. read more

ASOBAL La Rioja defeated in Cuenca – Huesca win point in Leon

15Bidasoa Irún20020 9Cuatro Rayas Valladolid21012 12Ángel Ximénez Puente Genil20111 Fraikin BM GranollersCuatro Rayas Valladolid28-25 ← Previous Story Women’s EHF Champions League – FINAL4 FROM MAY 2015! Next Story → “EIN LOWE”: Bjarte Myrhol stays in Rhein Neckar Lowen until 2015! 14BM. Aragón20020 Globalcaja C. EncantadaNaturhouse La Rioja28-27 7Globalcaja C. Encantada21012 Helvetia AnaitasunaBM. Aragón30-24 8Naturhouse La Rioja21012 16Villa de Aranda Top Rivera20020 BM GuadalajaraFertiberia Puerto Sagunto24-22 1FC Barcelona22004 4Reale Ademar León21103 Reale Ademar LeónBM. Huesca25-25 ASOBALhandball 2Frigoríficos Morrazo Cangas22004 5BM. Huesca21103 STANDINGS: 10Helvetia Anaitasuna21012 11BM Guadalajara21012 6Juanfersa Grupo Fegar21103 Spanish ASOBAL Round 2 have some interesting matches. EHF CL team Naturhouse La Rioja is defeated in Quenca 28:27, while Ademar Leon took only a point at home against Huesca 25:25.Here are the complete results of Round 2: Ángel Ximénez Puente GenilJuanfersa Grupo Fegar23-23 13Fertiberia Puerto Sagunto20020 Bidasoa IrúnFrigoríficos Morrazo Cangas22-25 Villa de Aranda Top RiveraFC Barcelona20-44 3Fraikin BM Granollers22004 read more